Community Grants and Volunteer Support

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Community Grant Funding Cycle 1 Is Now Closed

Our next funding cycle opens 6/1/2014.

Edison International accepts online applications for our 2014 Community Grants Funding Cycles as scheduled below:

  • Cycle 1* - March 1 - March 31 (Closed)
  • Cycle 2* - June 1 - June 30
  • Cycle 3* - September 1 - September 30

* Please be advised that the start and end times for the present and future Funding Cycles will be as follows: Start times will commence at 8 A.M. the first day of the funding cycle and close at 5 P.M. the final day of the funding cycle.

The new Community Grant program expands Edison’s giving to support more grassroots organizations. The Community Grant program, which provides grants up to $5,000 per year, has been established to help a wide range of organizations whose missions and programs fall within our four investment areas. Please note, applying organizations, in addition to falling in one or more of the four categories, should also have a strong commitment to diversity and the underserved. Program outreach should be within the areas where we operate. Organizations must be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS.

Throughout the Community Investment section of our website, we have demonstrated the support we give to our four core giving areas:

Edison International also proactively supports a limited number of organizations that we determine furthers the work of our priority areas.

We strategically align with projects and programs that best fit within these four areas, and as a result we do not accept unsolicited grant requests outside of our new Community Grants program.

We are committed to our communities. We work tirelessly to provide you with the electrical service you depend upon to be safe, productive and happy. Our commitment extends to the well-being of organizations that provide important services and programs within our community. This is accomplished through a combination of corporate giving, in-kind support and employee engagement.

We value the work of our community based organizations and want to help.

Visit our Grants/Support Center to learn how you might obtain support from Edison.

Our Commitment to Diversity and the Underserved

Our philosophy of investment is centered on the thought that all people should have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. While we tackle the critical issues, we consciously do so with an eye to how these efforts can assist, in particular, the underserved population comprised of: ethnic groups, seniors, disabled, women, low income, gay and lesbian. Over 70% of all California contributions were directed to underserved communities during the past three years. We will continue to focus on this population for years to come. The diversity of those we serve is also critical as to how we shape our community investments. As we seek solutions to society’s challenges, it is the great determination and diversity of everyone working together, that will help us to make our community a better place to live, work and prosper.

*Edison International’s support of charitable causes is funded entirely by Edison International shareholders. The company’s community donations are part of its commitment as a leading corporate citizen. Southern California Edison (SCE) customers’ utility bill payments do not fund company donations.

Diversity In The Community