Computer Donations

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Computers for the Community

In 2012, a total of 1,800 computers were donated by us directly to schools and nonprofit organizations through this program. "Right now technology is the main vehicle to help children learn and when school districts are strapped, this is awesome," said Bassett Unified Superintendent Martin Galindo. "It really means a lot. We have to get as much technology as we can." Our company aims to develop results oriented programs such as this one to directly benefit at-risk students and community members in need.

Our Computers for the Community program is open to public and private schools serving K-12 student populations and nonprofit organizations located in areas in which we serve. We ask that schools be state-accredited and not for profit. Both schools and organizations may qualify for a maximum of five computers for nonprofits or ten computers for schools (laptop and/or desktop, in any combination) every two years. All computer donations are subject to equipment inventory availability.

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