Our Commitments

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Concern for the environment is a core value for Edison International. And our business—generating and distributing power to millions of customers—is an environmentally challenging endeavor. Thus, while we're proud of the service and value we provide, we also seek to minimize our environmental footprint wherever and whenever possible.  Environmental issues are at the top of our business concerns.

We express that concern by incorporating environmental planning at the start of each project. For instance, prior to the development of a project, Edison Mission Energy requires environmental impact assessments (EIA) that identify site and area environmental conditions and the impacts that would result from the development, construction, and operation of a project. The EIA is one of the invaluable tools used to educate the public, as well as a key element of approval in the environmental permitting process.

Auditing Our Progress
To track our progress and performance, environmental, health and safety (EH&S) audits are performed at every Edison International owned or partnership facility worldwide on a one- to five-year schedule. The decision on when to perform an audit is based on potential risk determined by the company and takes into consideration partnership interests, the partner, operator, site location, previous compliance history and known or suspected problems.  Audits are varied in scope from very limited compliance areas to very broad/multi-faceted issues.

These investigations, coupled with the extensive EH&S policies and procedures present at each of the companies, demonstrate Edison International's commitment to meet and, wherever possible, exceed all EH&S regulations that affect our operations.