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Southern California Edison®

Our subsidiary SCE is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States and a longtime leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency. With headquarters in Rosemead, Calif., SCE serves more than 14 million people in a 50,000 square-mile area of central, coastal and Southern California. SCE has provided electric service in the region for more than 125 years.  

Map of Southern California Edison's service territory


Did You Know?

  • SCE maintains grid assets valued at more than $20 billion, including 1.4 million power poles, 700,000 transformers and 103,000 miles of distribution and transmission lines.

  • In the past 5 years, SCE’s energy efficiency programs have helped customers save enough energy to power 1.2 million homes for a year.

  • SCE delivered more than 18 billion kilowatt-hours of renewable power to customers in 2015. That’s nearly 24% of all the electricity we delivered that year.

Rebates available to SCE customers

How SCE helps customers go solar

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Edison Energy Group®

Our subsidiary Edison Energy Group provides new products and services in an ever-changing energy marketplace, and invests in and partners with technology leaders in the energy space. Edison Energy Group’s goal is to build on Edison International’s core strengths to provide commercial and industrial customers with a range of energy services including power management services, distributed generation, electric transportation, and water purification. Edison Energy Group operations are completely independent of and unconnected to Southern California Edison.

Edison Energy

Edison Energy is an independent advisory and services company with the capabilities to develop and integrate an array of energy solutions for the largest energy users nationwide.  Based in Irvine, Calif., Edison Energy focuses on helping the nation's largest energy users simultaneously reduce their energy costs, improve the environmental performance of their operations, ensure energy resiliency, and manage exposure to energy price risk.  Edison Energy has the heritage, resources, experience, technology and entrepreneurial business model to improve the way commercial, industrial and institutional organizations procure, use, and manage energy.

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Edison TransmissionSM

Edison Transmission, a wholly owned subsidiary of Edison Energy Group, will pursue competitive electric transmission projects nationwide. This business intends to sponsor, develop, own, operate and maintain transmission projects that will enhance the reliability of regional transmission systems and provide for the delivery of energy from renewable generation projects.

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Edison Water Resources

Edison Water Resources, a wholly owned subsidiary of Edison International, develops, constructs, owns, and operates water treatment facilities. Established in 2015, the business provides reliable, sustainable, and local sources of new water through a variety of water purification and treatment technologies. Edison Water Resources offerings advance state and local goals in response to the ongoing drought in California. The business focuses on the use of onsite wastewater recycling units as well as small, energy-efficient, reverse osmosis units to purify brackish groundwater in order to increase supply of water from local sources.

Projects are in development in Southern California, with expansion opportunities being explored throughout the state and across the country.

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SoCore EnergySM

SoCore Energy is a market leader in commercial and industrial solar portfolio development. With hundreds of solar solutions designed and installed across 19 states, SoCore offers multisite retailers, REITs and industrial companies portfolio-wide solar solutions that provide energy cost savings and carbon reduction opportunities. As a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Edison International, SoCore combines Edison’s Fortune 500 stability with entrepreneurial creativity in order to provide energy solutions that our customers genuinely want and need.

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Investments by Edison Energy Group

Clean Power Finance

Recognizing the rapidly growing demand for solar power, Edison Energy Group is a minority investor in this leading financial services and software provider, which serves the solar industry and capital markets.

Optimum Energy

Optimum Energy provides optimization solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to large, multi-site corporations. Through Edison Energy Group's minority investment we’re working with a fast-growing company that provides key energy services to commercial and industrial customers.


Edison Energy Group is a minority investor in this leading manufacturer of electric-drive buses and zero-emission commercial vehicles. Proterra’s products help transit agencies deliver clean, quiet, rider- and neighborhood-friendly vehicles that also meet government regulations and local mandates, and establish it as the first company to deliver a full-size transit vehicle that meets California’s Zero Emission Bus Rules. Proterra is based in Greenville, S.C.


SCIenergy integrates technology, service providers, and capital markets to transform how building owners and occupants interact with energy. Edison Energy Group's minority investment will help SCIenergy develop the first Energy-Infrastructure-as-a-Service integrated platform, combining cloud-based software and project capital, to drive the mass deployment of comprehensive energy solutions in large buildings.

Enbala Power Networks

Edison Energy Group is a minority investor in Enbala Power Networks, a developer of industry-changing solutions for distributed energy resource management. The platform developed by Enbala Power Networks provides electric utilities and grid operators with a technology platform that features a heightened level of control and flexibility needed to manage the technical challenges posed by an increasingly distributed grid.


Edison Mission Energy®

Founded in 1986, Edison Mission Energy developed and operated a portfolio of renewable and conventional generating facilities. In April 2014, substantially all of EME's assets were sold to NRG Energy.

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