Corporate Responsibility at Edison International

Edison International publishes an annual Corporate Responsibility Report, a wide-ranging recap of the company’s activities and accomplishments in areas such as public safety awareness, electric service reliability, environmental protection, customer service and empowerment, community involvement employee volunteerism, workforce and supplier diversity, and technological innovation, among others.

Interactive Corporate Responsibility Report, 2015 (Flipbook)

Corporate Responsibility Report, 2015 (PDF)


At Edison International, we conduct business through our regulated utility subsidiary, Southern California Edison, and Edison Energy Group, a portfolio of non-utility businesses. We demonstrate our commitment to corporate responsibility across a broad range of our activities, including the transparency with which we operate, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our workforce.

Edison International Continues Support for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Efforts

Giving back & investing in the community

STEM scholarships for students from under-served communities

Transparency in our political spending

More about our commitment to diversity in our workforce

Corporate Responsibility at Southern California Edison

Our utility, Southern California Edison (SCE), is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, and it’s been recognized for national leadership in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

How our utility delivers electricity in sustainable, environmentally responsible ways

How our utility helps its customers save energy

Promoting public safety and emergency preparedness

Corporate Responsibility at Edison Energy Group

Our subsidiary Edison Energy Group invests in growing energy services companies, all completely independent of and unconnected to our utility, which mirror our corporate values in their corporate citizenship-related accomplishments. These include:

  • SoCore Energy, a market leader in commercial and industrial solar portfolio development that provides energy cost savings and carbon reduction opportunities
  • Edison Transmission, which will sponsor, develop, operate, and maintain transmission projects that will enhance the reliability of regional transmission systems and provide for the delivery of energy from renewable generation projects
  • Edison Water Resources, which will develop, construct, and operate water-treatment facilities focused on desalination of brackish water and on-site recycling and reuse of water
  • Minority investments in several companies that promote clean energy including Clean Power FinanceEnbala Power NetworksOptimum EnergyProterra, and SCIenergy.

More about Edison Energy Group companies