Our Views: Practical Energy Policy for the Future

When it comes to public policy on energy, legislation formed today will exert implications well into the future. While our focus as a company is to safely produce and deliver reliable and affordable electricity, we’re also working to help policymakers create informed, practical public policy for California and our nation, based on a thorough understanding of associated costs and tradeoffs.

"We’re here to engage in open, inclusive discussion about energy policy. Let’s look together at long-term implications and arrive at solid, practical decisions."

-- Theodore (Ted) F. Craver, Jr., chairman, president and CEO, Edison International


The Future of Solar Energy: Our Perspective

Chairman & CEO Ted Craver discussed the company's strategy to support customer choices in solar, with host Russell Gold at at the Wall Street Journal's ECO:nomics forum. 

Next-Generation Grid: Our Perspective

We are building a more flexible and resilient grid to handle the two-way flow of electricity from onsite solar and other distributed energy resources.

Discussing the Distributed Energy Future with “Electric Perspectives” Magazine

The rapid growth of distributed energy resources suggests that they can become a significant part of the electric system in just a few years. In this article, we explore the opportunities and challenges that will face electric utilities.

Electric Perspectives magazine, Sept. / Oct. 2013, (PDF)