Edison EnergySM

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Edison International strives to provide new products and services in an ever-changing marketplace. A primary focus for creating long-term value at Edison International is to position the company for transformative change in the electric power industry in the years to come. As new technologies and services emerge, Edison Energy, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Edison International, is ready to build upon these opportunities by expanding existing businesses and growing new businesses under the Edison EnergySM name. 

Edison Energy is focused on providing energy services to industrial and commercial customers across the nation. Edison Energy is identifying opportunities that capitalize on industry change and leverage the company’s core strengths. Prime areas of emphasis are distributed generation, energy efficiency and conservation, electrification of transportation, water purification and power management services to the commercial and industrial sectors, and promoting public awareness of the benefits of using alternative energy sources.

In the company’s corporate structure, Edison Energy is the subsidiary under which these new businesses are being placed. Many of them will operate as wholly-owned subsidiaries of Edison Energy, while others will be partially owned by the company along with other investor partners. As an entirely separate line of businesses, the operations of Edison Energy are completely independent and unconnected to Edison International’s core electric utility business, Southern California Edison.

Edison EnergySM businesses

  • SoCore Energy - In August of 2013, Edison International completed its acquisition of SoCore Energy, a Chicago-based firm that is a market leader in solar portfolio development and commercial rooftop installation of photovoltaic panels, focusing on the solar energy needs of multisite retailers, REITs and industrial clients.
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  • Clean Power Finance - Recognizing the rapidly growing demand for solar-generated power, in April of 2013, Edison International made a minority investment in this firm that is a leading financial services and software provider for the solar industry and capital markets.
  • Optimum Energy - In August of 2013, Edison International became a minority investor in Optimum Energy, a leading provider of optimization solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The company's energy optimization solutions are built to serve and deliver savings to large, multi-site corporations. Investing in Optimum Energy enables Edison International to work with a fast growing company providing key energy services to commercial and industrial customers.