Economic & Leadership Development at the Community Level

We are committed to helping meet the needs of low- and moderate-income communities. We've found that one of the most effective ways to do this is to encourage civic engagement and to support leadership development. When awarding grants, we look for programs and projects focused on:

  • Mentoring
  • Veterans transitioning into civilian work
  • Leadership development
  • Expanding access to technology
  • Boosting the effectiveness of local non-profit organizations


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Civic Engagement Grants (2016)



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Our vision for the future is one that's safe, prosperous, and inclusive for all. We’re working with communities and local non-profit organizations to make it a reality.


Helping Military Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

For veterans returning to civilian life, finding a job and a career path can be a significant challenge. We're doing our best to help the men and women who have defended our nation., through support for non-profit organizations that provide jobs programs and support to veterans, job fairs for veterans, and more.

Last year, our utility, Southern California Edison, went a step further, hosting a roundtable series to connect with community leaders across the region. At a roundtable in Santa Ana, Calif., where utility execs met with military veterans, topics included career paths for veterans, and opportunities through the utility's vendor and supplier-diversity programs. Military veterans are one of the underserved populations targeted by these programs.

Our utility's supplier diversity program


Strengthening the Social Services Sector in Southern California

Our utility's service area includes the vast Inland Empire and San Bernrardino County, where unemployment, poor health, and low education levels persist. Our support of the Academy for Grassroots Organizations (Academy GO) is designed to improve the quality of life in this area by strengthening the capacity of its social-services sector. 

In 2014, nearly 400 local non-profit organizations, represented by 580 professionals, received training and technical assistance through AcademyGO. 

Meet AcademyGO

Verbum Dei: Work-Study Prepares Young Men for College & Career

As a corporate partner of Verbum Dei High School, we are helping to create paths to prosperity for the school's mostly Latino and African-American students. This Jesuit college preparatory school serves young men from low-income homes in Watts and surrounding Southern California communities, where unemployment rates are high. 

The school's Work Study program places students in local companies, where they perform administrative duties five days a month. In return, we partners pay the school the equivalent salary of a full-time employee, with the funds used toward scholarships for the students. We have sponsored 27 students since 2006, and are very proud of the full 100% college acceptance rate among the school's graduating seniors.

Meet Verbum Dei High School

The Verbum Dei work-study program gives students a clear line of sight into career opportunities that can be theirs through education.

The Edison Energy Assistance Fund

Tough times have affected families in the 50,000 square mile region served by our utility, Southern California Edison. Particularly hard hit are low-income households with children, seniors, and people with disabilities. Working together with the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, we provide assistance up to $100 to families in need to help them pay their electricity bills.

  • Founded in 1982
  • $20 million given to 200,000+ families
  • Region served: Southern and Central California

More about EAF

Through EAF, more than 200,000 families in need have been helped, and we’re committed to increasing our efforts to expand the program.

Helping Families Move Forward

We donated $100,000 to the Youth & Parent Leadership Development project of Advancing Justice | LA, the nation's largest legal and civil rights organization for Asian Americans, native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders. This project targets underserved populations affected by high poverty and lack of English-language skills, and aims to help families maximize potential by providing information and training on the public education system, leadership, community safety, and health.

Meet Advancing Justice | LA