Innovation in Energy Management, Efficiency & Conservation

The cheapest and cleanest kilowatt of electricity is the one that's never used. That's why we're deeply committed to energy efficiency and management.

Over the past 25+ years, our utility, Southern California Edison (SCE), has earned national leadership and recognition for its success in promoting energy efficiency. In 2015, we received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year — Sustained Excellence award for the fourth consecutive year. We now offer more than 100 energy-efficiency programs and we're constantly expanding the boundaries of innovation in both energy efficiency and demand response.

Greater Consumer Incentives Help Boost Overall Energy Savings

"Smart" thermostats and energy management systems are increasingly popular, and our utility is capitalizing on this trend. By pairing our most popular demand-response program, Save Power Days, with incentives for households using smart thermostats and other qualifying technologies, we're able to more effectively reduce strain on the grid on peak-demand days.

Additionally, a new advanced communication platform enables our utility to interoperate directly with third party providers of demand-response programs.

How we use "smart" thermostat technology to help balance the grid

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Homes & Buildings to Zero

A full 41% of energy consumed in the United States is used to power commercial and residential buildings. Imagine the potential savings — and greenhouse gas emissions avoided — if homes and buildings consumed only as much energy as they could produce through renewable sources.

Our utility is helping the state achieve its ambitious Zero Net Energy (ZNE) goals, which take effect in 2020. We are working on several demonstration projects that test ZNE feasibility on a mass scale, while gauging the impact on our distribution grid.

Zero Net Energy projects at Edison

Procuring Capacity for Energy Efficiency Savings

In yet another undertaking to enhance system reliability and encourage energy efficiency, our utility is now procuring energy-efficiency capacity from external vendors. As part of larger, competitive solicitation in 2014, Southern California Edison (SCE) signed contracts for a total of 136.2 MW of savings. Contracts require sellers to achieve specified kWh of energy savings and kW of capacity savings through energy-efficiency measures at their customers' sites. 

The solicitation also aimed to encourage conservation and help develop new technologies and innovative solutions to meet identified reliability needs in Southern California.

See Energy Efficiency & Management Tools in Action

Interested in viewing the latest in energy-efficiency and management technologies for lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, motors and drives, home construction, and more? Visit either of our utility's two Energy Education Centers.

The center in Irwindale, Calif., focuses on the needs of business and commercial utility customers. Highlights include the Foodservice Technology Center, which showcases the latest in energy-efficient cooking technologies and offers side-by-side comparisons. The Smart Energy Experience display lets visitors interact with smart technologies in a "home of the future." 

In the heart of California's agricultural community, the Tulare center features a 4.5-acre space showcasing energy efficiency innovations for agriculture, outdoor lighting, photovoltaics, and irrigation and pumping. A display of geothermal heat pumps demonstrates the efficiency and savings compared to traditional air-source heat pumps.

Both centers also offer free tours and classes to help Southern California Edison customers save and manage energy.

More about our utility's Energy Education Centers

Looking for a Letter of Support or Commitment?

Our utility, Southern California Edison, collaborates with many organizations to support innovation in the areas of renewable sources of energy, grid optimization, and energy storage. If you are working on a project of this nature and need a letter of support or commitment for a California Energy Commission EPIC proposal, DOE or other funding source proposal, we may be able to help. 

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