Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Materiality

Our Material ESG Issues

Transition to a Clean Energy Future
Business Model
Climate Change & Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions  
Grid Modernization & Innovation
Local Air Quality
Renewable Energy & Distributed Energy Resources
Service & Product Innovation
Transportation Electrification
Operations & Governance
Cyber & Physical Security
Environmental Footprint
Governance, Transparency & Compliance
Infrastructure Reliability & Resilience
Public Policy Engagement
Water Use & Management
Customers, Communities & Employees
Safety & Health
Affordability & Access
Community Development
Customer Relations
Diversity & Inclusion
Employee Engagement & Workforce Development

What is a material ESG issue?

A "material" ESG is one that has the potential to impact long-term sustainability, based on the perspectives of internal and external stakeholders.

This is different from, but not related to, financial materiality, which is a threshold for influencing the economic decisions of investors.

Definitions of Material ESG Issues (PDF)