Grants to Make a Difference in Education, Environment, Public Safety & Preparedness, and Civic Engagement

Most of our giving is targeted to help meet the needs of diverse ethnic groups, seniors, people with special needs, women, low-income, and gay and lesbian populations – groups that are often underserved.

Open Grants Cycle Update

We’re taking a close look at the programs we fund through our charitable giving so we can better align the programs we support with the company’s expertise. While we will continue to invest in the same four giving priorities as we do today and the amount of money we contribute will remain the same, instead of offering an “open cycle” community grants program, we will look for nonprofit partners that share our vision and invite them to apply for grants. 

It’s important that our community partners know the door to new grants isn’t closed – we’re thrilled to learn about new organizations and encourage those that believe their program strategically aligns with our business to reach out by emailing us.

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Everyone deserves opportunity in life. That’s why more than 85% of our giving is designated to help people and populations that are underserved.


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Giving Area: Education

We believe education has the power to change lives, communities, and the world. More than 50% of our funding goes toward educational programs designed to help keep youth in school while opening doors to secondary education.

We look for education programs that emphasize science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) on the middle school, high school, and college levels, including tutoring, enrichment, scholarships, and college-access programs. We also support arts education programs on the middle school and high school levels. 

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Edison Scholars scholarship program

Giving Area: The Environment

Our commitment to protecting the environment began decades ago, and it’s deeply rooted in our corporate culture. We recognize that our operations do have an impact on the environment. To ensure a cleaner world for future generations, we support programs that educate and engage the public in preserving a healthy and sustainable environment, with a focus on programs aimed at students in middle school, high school, and college, and at adults.

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Giving Area: Public Safety & Preparedness

Disaster can strike suddenly, anywhere, at any time, and earthquakes pose a real and ongoing threat in the region served by our utility, Southern California Edison. We’re committed to helping families and the community be prepared for natural and human-caused disasters, and our support is focused on programs that emphasize emergency preparedness and electrical safety.

Our $1.5 million partnership with the American Red Cross’ PrepareSoCal helps raise awareness and encourages Southern Californians to get a kit, make a plan, and be informed. 

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Giving Area: Civic Engagement

A community’s wellbeing is tied to factors like unemployment, strength of families, and quality of life. We are committed to helping meet needs in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods and boost civic engagement. Our support is focused on programs for leadership and mentorship development, transitioning veterans into the workplace, and community engagement. 

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