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Debt & Preferred Information

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Debt & Preferred Securities

A listing of Edison International and its subsidiaries’ outstanding debt and preferred securities as of the most recent year-end can be found in the Financial & Statistical Report.

Access the Financial & Statistical Reports

Credit Ratings

Debt and preference securities are assigned credit ratings based on an evaluation of the issuer's financial condition and ability to meet its financial obligations, including interest or dividend and principal payments. The credit ratings schedule in the link below includes ratings from Moody's, Standard & Poor's, and Fitch. These organizations assign a rating that characterizes the credit risks. Ratings also affect a company's cost of borrowing.

Credit Ratings as of October 16, 2023


California Legislation empowers the California Public Utilities Commission (the “CPUC”) to issue Financing Orders authorizing SCE to recover certain costs and expenses through securitizations. These bonds are issued through the following wholly-owned, special purpose entities of Southern California Edison:

SCE Recovery Funding LLC

Selected Documents

Southern California Edison
First Mortgage Bonds Series Due
SCE 0.975% Bonds Series 2021K Due 2024
SCE 3.70% Bonds Series 2018E Due 2025
SCE 3.70% Bonds Series 2018E Due 2025 (Reopened)
SCE 4.20% Bonds Series 2022C Due 2025
SCE 1.20% Bonds Series 2020C Due 2026
SCE 4.90% Bonds Series 2023C Due 2026
SCE 5.35% Bonds Series 2024C Due 2026
SCE 4.70% Bonds Series 2022D Due 2027
SCE 5.85% Bonds Series 2022F Due 2027
SCE 4.875% Bonds Series 2024A Due 2027
SCE 3.65% Bonds Series 2018B Due 2028
SCE 5.30% Bonds Series 2023A Due 2028
SCE 5.65% Bonds Series 2023E Due 2028
SCE 4.20% Bonds Series 2019A Due 2029
SCE 2.85% Bonds Series 2019C Due 2029
SCE 2.85% Bonds Series 2019C Due 2029 (Reopened)
SCE 5.15% Bonds Series 2024D Due 2029
SCE 2.25% Bonds Series 2020B Due 2030
SCE 2.25% Bonds Series 2020B Due 2030 (Reopened)
SCE 2.50% Bonds Series 2021G Due 2031
SCE 5.45% Bonds Series 2024F Due 2031
SCE 2.75% Bonds Series 2022A Due 2032
SCE 5.95% Bonds Series 2022G Due 2032
SCE 6.00% Bonds Series 2004B Due 2034
SCE 5.20% Bonds Series 2024B Due 2034
SCE 5.75% Bonds Series 2004G Due 2035
SCE 5.35% Bonds Series 2005E Due 2035
SCE 5.55% Bonds Series 2005B Due 2036
SCE 5.625% Bonds Series 2006A Due 2036
SCE 5.55% Bonds Series 2006E Due 2037
SCE 5.95% Bonds Series 2008A Due 2038
SCE 6.05% Bonds Series 2009A Due 2039
SCE 5.50% Bonds Series 2010A Due 2040
SCE 4.50% Bonds Series 2010B Due 2040
SCE 3.90% Bonds Series 2011E Due 2041
SCE 4.05% Bonds Series 2012A Due 2042
SCE 3.90% Bonds Series 2013A Due 2043
SCE 4.65% Bonds Series 2013D Due 2043
SCE 3.600% Bonds Series 2015C Due 2045
SCE 4.00% Bonds Series 2017A Due 2047
SCE 4.00% Bonds Series 2017A Due 2047 (Reopened)
SCE 4.00% Bonds Series 2017A Due 2047 (Reopened)
SCE 4.125% Bonds Series 2018C Due 2048
SCE 4.125% Bonds Series 2018C Due 2048 (5/30/18 - $350,000,000) (Reopened)
SCE 4.125% Bonds Series 2018C Due 2048 (7/30/18 - $550,000,000) (Reopened)
SCE 4.875% Bonds Series 2019B Due 2049
SCE 3.65% Bonds Series 2020A Due 2050
SCE 3.65% Bonds Series 2020A Due 2050 (Reopened)
SCE 2.95% Bonds Series 2021A Due 2051
SCE 3.65% Series 2021H Due 2051
SCE 3.45% Bonds Series 2022B Due 2052
SCE 5.45% Bonds Series 2022E Due 2052
SCE 5.70% Bonds Series 2023B Due 2053
SCE 5.875% Bonds Series 2023D Due 2053
SCE 5.75% Bonds Series 2024E Due 2054


Tax Exempt Bonds Series Due
California Statewide Communities Development Authority 2006 Series B (San Onofre) Due 2028
City of Farmington, NM 2005 Series A and B (Four Corners) Due 2029
California Statewide Communities Development Authority 2010 Series A (San Onofre) Due 2029
City of Farmington, NM 2011 Series (Four Corners) Due 2029
Clark County NV 2010 Series (Mohave) Due 2031
California Statewide Communities Development Authority 2006 Series C and D (San Onofre) Due 2033
Maricopa County, AZ 2000 Series A and B (Palo Verde) Due 2035


Unsecured Notes Series Due
SCE 6.65% 1999 Notes   Due 2029



Sustainable Financing Framework Documents & Reports

Formal agreements between the bondholders, the issuer of the debt securities (bonds), and the trustee acting on behalf of the bondholders that define the terms and conditions by which bonds may be issued.

Legal documents offering debt and equity securities for sale by the issuer that explain the offer, including terms, use of the funds and additional information to enable a potential investor make an informed investment decision.

Credit Facilities
Formal lending agreements between the borrower and commercial banks providing credit availability under specified conditions and covenants for agree-upon periods.

See the company’s most recent Form 10-K and other SEC filings for further information on EIX and SCE liquidity and related company documents.

SEC Filings


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