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Power Partners

Power Partners highlights the unique and diverse storiesĀ of our customers throughout the service area.

EPISODE 1: Pie Trap Pizza

Baking to the beat of trap music, the Cody brothers are serving up a funky fusion of pizza and hip-hop at their restaurant, Pie Trap Pizza. What started as a backyard hobby is now a bustling brick and mortar in Covina, powered by clean energy!

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Power Partners by Edison highlights the amazing things our customers are doing in their everyday lives to better our communities. Whether it's clean energy, environmental stewardship or anything in-between, we want to showcase how together we can make a difference. Follow along as we cover a new customer each month across our 50,000 square mile service area.

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OJAI Raptor Center

The center takes in hundreds of injured raptors every year, about 90% of their patients are coming in due to anthropogenic causes, meaning they’re human-induced. Once in their care and after a full evaluation by the veterinarian, the raptors begin their rehab. The mission of the Ojai Raptor Center is to rescue, rehabilitate and release as many birds as possible. 



Phenix Truck and Van is a minority and family owned business that has been in operation since 1978, the company partners with SCE and other businesses to upfit their fleets and meet the work needs of each company. They are responsible for adding all the bells and whistles to company vehicles including lights, safety racks, tool bins, bed covers IT equipment and more. They're a one stop shop for vehicle customization in company fleets.

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