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Modernizing the Grid for a Better Future

Southern California Edison is building the grid of the future to support more clean energy, make way for more electric vehicles and to protect against the impacts of extreme weather.

Supporting New Clean Energy

By 2045, SCE’s grid will need to supply significantly more carbon-free electricity to its customers to replace other sources of energy that emit greenhouse gases. The grid will need to be flexible enough to harness the full potential of all clean energy resources while providing reliable energy at every hour of the day and in every season. Grid hardening efforts and intelligent system designs will reduce risks, such as the risk of wildfire, from severe weather conditions due to climate change impacts.

  • The grid is moving toward 100% renewable energy sources, and simultaneously, this cleaner energy is being used to power more homes, vehicles and businesses.
  • With the dominance of intermittent solar and wind, storage resources and flexible customer loads will need to be managed to maintain grid stability.
  • Automation, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, is boosting the grid’s flexibility and responsiveness.

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Powering the Way for More Electric Vehicles

By 2045, to meet California’s environmental goals, 75% of all vehicles in the state will need to be powered by clean energy sources. ​

  • Distribution circuits will be upgraded to accommodate home charging for all of SCE’s customers in both single- and multi-family housing.​
  • Fast charging will be available for drivers to charge their cars at work or on the road.​
  • Reducing fossil fuels on the road will clean the air and improve health outcomes for all of California’s residents, especially those who live near freeway corridors and industrial areas.​

More information on SCE’s vision for the future of electric vehicles

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Increasing Resiliency While Reducing the Risk of Wildfires

As we update the grid for the future, we are taking steps to enhance infrastructure and operational practices to strengthen our system.​

  • Our pole replacement program replaces up to 30,000 poles a year with poles meeting new and enhanced design and construction standards.​
  • We are deploying equipment and device configurations such as fast-acting fuses that can react more quickly to reduce fire risk. ​
  • Secure communications between grid operations and devices in the field will allow the grid to respond almost instantaneously to faults on the lines.​

More information on SCE’s efforts to protect against the impacts of extreme weather

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