2021 Community & Economic Impact Report

Powered by Partnerships

For 136 years, Edison International has supported the communities in which many of us live and work.

Our volunteering, customer assistance programs and partnerships with local nonprofits help address key needs across SCE’s diverse service area. Today, Edison International is also one of the largest corporate charitable contributors in Southern California.

Through partnering with small and diverse businesses to fulfill SCE’s procurement needs, we further contribute to a healthier economy, healthier people and healthier environment – which we see as all interconnected.

The 2021 Community & Economic Impact Report shares how we are making a difference for the places and people we serve. 

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Perspectives from our Leadership

Edison International’s impact supports the vision of a clean energy future that is equitable for all. Our community investments and supplier diversity initiatives have created a ripple effect of growth opportunities throughout the region. 

Whether through board service, awarding scholarships, offering professional training and career opportunities or funding initiatives to increase access to open space in underserved neighborhoods, we are committed to improving the quality of life in our communities. 

Meanwhile, doing business with diverse firms has brought exciting innovations to SCE and is key to safely delivering reliable, affordable and clean electric service to customers. These supplier diversity activities also contribute to stronger neighborhoods, including job creation and wage generation.

2021 Community Investments at a Glance

$20M Philanthropic funding donated by Edison International*
610 Total grants awarded
80+% Donated to diverse/underserved populations
48,944 Hours volunteered by employees, family and friends

*Inclusive of the company’s volunteer and matching gift contributions

2021 Supplier Diversity Economic Impact at a Glance

SCE’s diverse supplier base contributes to reduced operating costs, provides us with quality goods and services and makes us more competitive.

or 38.05% spent with diverse firms

diverse suppliers

technical assistance, capacity building & mentoring programs

diverse subcontractors

Our productive relationships with diverse firms have created long-lasting business opportunities as well as more jobs and economic benefits in the Southern California region and beyond. In 2021, SCE’s supplier diversity purchases contributed $3.6 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product, which represents the sum of direct, indirect and induced impacts. Total economic impact within the state of California was 88.2%.

Diverse firm purchases support economic activity and create a ripple effect in supply chains

Diverse suppliers hire workers, which creates jobs in their supply chains and communities

Employees at diverse firms earn wages and create additional spending

Economic activity generates tax revenues, which support government spending and community investments