2020 Community Impact Report

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Edison International has been part of the community for 135 years and has a long history of supporting the places where our team members live and work.

We volunteer, offer customer assistance programs and partner with local  nonprofits and everyday heroes to deliver support to communities where it’s needed most. We are also one of the largest corporate charitable  contributors in Southern California.

Edison International is proud to introduce the 2020 Community Impact Report, telling the story of our community investments and engagement initiatives.

Photo of Pedro J. Pizarro


Perspectives from our Leadership

An energy company is only as successful as the communities it serves. Edison International understands this relationship well. So when we invest in communities, we also are investing in our talent pipeline, customer base, team members and an improved quality of life for everyone where we live and work. We take actions — from team member volunteers to grants to nonprofit board service — to build resilient communities across central, coastal and Southern California.

2020 At A Glance

Civic Engagement

Building inclusion and equity in our communities, providing customer assistance programs that address affordability challenges and building capacity through career training and workforce development.

$4.5M donated to civic engagement causes overall
$1M committed to racial and social justice organizations over five years. Edison International committed a total of $1 million in shareholder funding from 2020-2024 to advance racial equity in our communities.
$1M committed to lineworker scholarship program for diverse individuals over four years. Edison International committed a total of $1 million in shareholder funding from 2021-2024 to expand diversity in the skilled workforce pipeline.
24 grants provided to support workforce development
51,140+ hours volunteered by Edison International and SCE employees and retirees


Empowering lives through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

$8.8M donated to education causes
276 education grants provided
70 higher educations institutions supported
$4M in STEM scholarships awarded
82% of STEM funding went to diverse recipients, 69% went to low-income recipients and 45% went to female recipients. This data is self-reported by grant recipient organizations and reflects 2019, which is the most recent data available.


Accelerating a clean energy future through electrification projects and supporting conservation initiatives.

$5.5M donated to environmental causes
134 environmental grants provided
$1.7M given to programs that support climate resiliency and adaptation
$500K+ invested in youth environmental education programs

Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for and responding to natural and human-caused disasters and supporting public safety initiatives.

$3.2M in safety and emergency preparedness causes donated overall
$4M+ in wildfire resilience grants provided
$2M+ in COVID-19 relief provided
100% SCE service disconnections suspended in response to COVID-19
5 regional food bank partners supported
25K+ N95 and P100 masks donated

Customer-Funded Programs

Through customer-funds, supporting the work of the California Public Utilities  Commission (CPUC) to develop programs that transform technology markets  within California and ensure that low-income communities can afford essential energy supplies.

1.4M low-income households receive a 30%-35% discount to their electric bill through the CARE program
$68.5M committed in customer incentives for solar installation
61K customers received energy efficient appliances at no cost through the ESA program, saving 31.6M kWh
1,442 EV charging ports intalled by SCE