2020 Sustainability Report

A Message from Pedro J. Pizarro,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Despite the historic and challenging obstacles presented in 2020, I am proud that our team of more than 13,000 across Edison International made progress on our vision to lead the transformation of the electric power industry and found ways to support our stakeholders.

Photo of Pedro J. Pizarro

2020 At A Glance

In the face of a challenging year, Edison International delivered on our clean energy strategy, while continuing to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment.

Climate Change

We’re committed to doing our part to mitigate against climate-change while working to adapt our business in the near and long term to climate change-driven effects.

Southern California Edison (SCE) is a nationally recognized leader in the clean energy transition, delivering power to customers entirely within the state of California, which has some of the most ambitious science-based climate-change goals in the U.S. These goals include net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economywide by 2045.

Edison Energy works with clients to respond to climate challenges by helping them improve energy efficiency in their buildings, increase their use of renewable energy and set comprehensive decarbonization strategies inclusive of net-zero goals and science-based targets.

Reimagining the Grid white paper published by SCE to outline grid investments needed to deliver 100% carbon-free power by 2045
1,360 MW of energy storage contracts signed by SCE through two landmark procurements
1,442 new charge ports installed through SCE's Charge Ready program
2,200 MW renewable energy agreements advised on by Edison Energy
77 MW distributed energy resources (DERs) advised on by Edison Energy

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

It’s our belief that the ability to lead the transformation of the electric power industry toward a clean energy future relies on the diversity of our team and a society that enables all people to thrive. In 2020, Edison International made 10 commitments to advance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) throughout the company and the communities we serve. We also published comprehensive data around representation, pay equity and sentiment, which has now evolved into our annual DEI report.

$1M committed in shareholder funding to advance racial equity in communities over five years
7 of 11 Boad of directors diverse in terms of gender, race, ethnicity and/or LGBTQ self-ID
10 new diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) commitments made to measure and improve DEI progress

Operational Excellence

SCE’s focus on operational excellence permeates all areas of its business. In 2020, SCE’s primary focus was providing reliable service while keeping the public and our employees and contractors safe. A global pandemic and some of the worst wildfires California has experienced tested our stakeholders and our business in new ways and underscored the strength of the Edison team.

16% lower average monthly residential bill compared to national average; lowest system average rate among California's investor-owned utilities
960 miles overhead power lines replaced with insulated wire and 6,090 new fire-resistant poles added by SCE to harden infrastructure, exceeding 2020 wildfire mitigation plan targets
2/3 workforce transitioned to remote work environment with minimal business disruption and field workers protected
100% service disconnections suspended by SCE and bill relief provided to SCE residential and small business customers in response to COVID-19

Progress on Our Sustainability Goals

Edison International’s sustainability goals reflect long-term commitments we have made related to our material ESG topics.

Photo of solar panels

Health and Safety During COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providing reliable service while protecting customers and employees continues to be our top priority. We’ve taken steps to enhance public, employee and contractor safety, developing new guidelines and practices to support field workers of our subsidiaries while moving two-thirds of our enterprise wide workforce to telework and extending additional benefits.

SCE temporarily suspended service disconnections and past due payment charges for customers who qualified as a result of income losses. We extended our payment assistance programs and other forms of bill relief to affected customers. Among other things, we targeted information promoting income-assisted rates in communities most affected by the pandemic.

Edison Energy focused on continuing to provide its customers exceptional service and created additional redundancy in its operation to support customer needs.

Protecting Our Communities from Wildfires

Every three years, SCE submits a Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) to the California Public Utilities Commission that outlines our wildfire mitigation activities. In addition to three-year plans, SCE also provides annual updates to the CPUC Wildfire Safety Division. In 2020, SCE continued to
execute on our WMP and met or exceeded nearly all our mitigation deployment goals.

Replaced more than 960 miles of overhead power lines with insulated wire and more than 6,090 poles with fire-resistant poles

Installed fast-acting fuses at 3,025 locations and sectionalized devices at 49 locations

Removed more than 12,200 hazard trees (double the number from 2019) that could fall into power lines and lead to a fire ignition

Inspected more than 199,000 distribution assets and 35,500 transmission assets and performed corresponding repairs and replacements

Installed five high-definition wildfire cameras, bringing the total to 166, to monitor approximately 90% of the high fire risk area in SCE’s service area, which is the saturation point for cameras in our service area

Installed 590 weather stations — making 1,050 in total — to provide granular weather data from which models can be created to forecast high fire risk conditions to within two miles and more precisely target PSPS de-energization events

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