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Carey A. Smith photo

Carey A. Smith

Chairwoman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Parsons Corporation


Ms. Smith brings the perspective of a public company chief executive officer at Parsons, which was headquartered in Southern California until 2019 and continues to have key programs throughout the state. Her understanding of the impact of California’s regulatory landscape on SCE’s business customers contributes to the Board’s effective oversight of key issues confronting the electric utility industry. Ms. Smith brings strategic planning experience related to the acquisition and integration of technology businesses. Her operational experience in safety-intensive environments provides an important perspective to the Board and its Safety and Operations Committee. Ms. Smith also brings a strong background in cybersecurity through her aerospace and defense industry experience and is a certified cybersecurity governance professional by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). She is also NACD Directorship Certified.


  • Chairwoman, president and CEO, Parsons Corporation, a disruptive technology provider for global defense, intelligence and critical infrastructure markets; served as president since 2019, chief executive officer since July 2021, and chairwoman of the board since 2022
  • Chief operating officer, Parsons (2018-2021) and president of Parsons’ Federal Solutions business (2016-2018) 
  • Held progressive leadership roles at Honeywell International Inc. (2011 to 2016), including president of the Defense and Space business unit, vice president of Honeywell Aerospace Customer and Product Support, and president of Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc. 
  • Held several leadership roles at Lockheed Martin Corporation (1985 to 2011)


  • Director of Parsons Corporation (2020-present) and NN, Inc. (2017-2019)
  • Director, Professional Services Council (2020-present), and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (2021-present)

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