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Jeanne M. Beliveau-Dunn photo

Jeanne M. Beliveau-Dunn

CEO and President
Claridad LLC


Ms. Beliveau-Dunn has more than 30 years of experience as a technology executive and a transformational leader with experience in building and managing large-scale infrastructure, cybersecurity, compute, cloud, networking, services and marketing operations, personnel management, and employee and leadership development. Her experience managing a large workforce, building network operations and security teams, and building infrastructure and efficiency through technology and process is valuable to the Board’s and Safety and Operations Committee’s oversight of cybersecurity issues facing the Company. She is also experienced in ESG matters, compensation, financial review, acquisitions, and risk and resiliency management. As a California resident, Ms. Beliveau-Dunn also provides the perspective of a utility customer impacted by California’s wildfires and regulatory environment.


  • CEO and president, Claridad LLC, a software and services company focused on security, automation and the internet of things (IoT) (2018–present) 
  • Held a variety of management positions during 22-year career at Cisco Systems, a global technology company (1996-2018), including vice president and general manager, senior director of product marketing, and senior director of internet business solutions group; managed products and services business and operations, and built and operated centers of excellence, learning and knowledge, and innovation practices for scale 
  • President, IoT Talent Consortium, a membership-driven, non-profit organization (2016-2018) 
  • Fellow, National Association of Corporate Directors


  • Director, Columbus McKinnon (2020-present)
  • Director, Xylem, Inc. (2017-present)
  • Director, Sykes Enterprises (2021)
  • Director or advisory board member of private companies Crewdle (2022-present), ZEVX (2022-present) and Descartes Labs (2021-present)

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