Meet the Leaders of Southern California Edison

Kevin M. Payne
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Hasbrouck
Senior Vice President, General Counsel

William (Tres) Petmecky
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jill C. Anderson
Senior Vice President, Customer Service

Douglas R. Bauder
Vice President, Decommissioning and Chief Nuclear Officer San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Caroline Choi
Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Alisa Do
Vice President and Corporate Secretary


Gregory M. Ferree
Vice President, Distribution

Beth M. Foley
Vice President, Corporate Communications

Paul J. Grigaux
Vice President, Asset Management, Strategy & Engineering

Phil Herrington
Senior Vice President, Transmission & Distribution

Todd L. Inlander
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Albert Ma
Vice President, Information Technology

Michael Marelli
Vice President, Business Customer Division

Andrew S. Martinez
Vice President of Safety, Security and Business Resiliency

Michael D. Montoya
Vice President and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Aaron D. Moss
Vice President and Corporate Controller

James W. Niemiec
Vice President, Operational Services

Carla J. Peterman
Senior Vice President, Strategy and Regulatory Affairs


Steven D. Powell
Executive Vice President, Operations

Natalie Schilling
Vice President, Human Resources

Erik Takayesu
Vice President, Transmission, Substations and Operations

Christopher Thompson
Vice President, Local Public Affairs


Jacqueline Trapp
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Marc L. Ulrich
Vice President, Customer Service Operations

William V. Walsh
Vice President, Energy Procurement & Management

Andrea L. Wood
Vice President, Tax

Daniel S. Wood
Vice President, Operational Finance

Natalia Woodward
Vice President and Treasurer